Some remain, face boredom

Because of the high cost of getting home or jobs here in Tallahassee, some students don’t get to go home for the holidays

For Ebony Yarborough, 19, a junior Spanish student from Dale City, Va., going home for the holidays is sometimes too expensive.

The prospect of staying in town isn’t the problem she said, it’s the lack of things to do.

Yarborough, who stayed in town last spring break was disappointed that there were no activities provided for her.

“I felt alone and depressed with no one to talk to and nothing to do,” said Yarborough.

FAMU is not able to provide activities because administrators are uncertain how many students will be here or if any will attend activities.

If any events are planned they are held before the students leave for break.

Presumably, the number of students would be the deciding factor in determining whether or not to plan events but, according to Gwen Staten, administrative assistant for the housing department, that is not so.

“Activities are based on funding, and it is hard to determine how many students are in town.” Staten said.

Students who will spend the break in the dormitory or would like to have an event should consult the resident advisor or the resident and education coordinator to try to plan an activity.

It is the duty of the resident and education coordinator to listen to the student’s ideas and enforce the idea if approved.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, all of the housing facilities will be open as well as the cafeteria.

During Christmas and spring break, only the Palmetto Street apartments will be open for students based on the year-round lease that is signed by students when they move in.

The library will be closed on the actual holidays but will re-open for the remaining break for a limited time.

Students concerned with safety should know the FAMU police department has worked hard to implement and improve student safety during the holidays.

Deputy Chief Michael Wallace said, the police perform more vigilant crime protection with car and dorm checks as well as surveillance of administrative buildings.

“We don’t take a break because crime never does,” said Wallace. The blue light systems located in several areas on campus provide quick reaction for emergencies.

Every time the button is pushed, an alarm is activated, the station is automatically alerted and an officer is dispatched.

For more information on campus holiday activities consult or address your housing advisor.