Sean Paul takes Jamaican spotlight

Move over Shaggy; Sean Paul’s “Dutty Rock” is about to become the next big crossover album coming out of Jamaica on The Concorde.

He has everything you could ask for the look, the moves and the catchy hooks. He is truly every dancehall deejay’s flavor of the month. The album “Dutty Rock” is a good blend of true “straight out of Kingston” reggae and America’s pop criterion.

It is easy to compare Paul to Shaggy.

Both are attractive, corn-rowed, Jamericans with a sound that can keep anyone jamming for days.

However, the separating factor is Paul has Americanized reggae just enough for the U.S. audience without compromising that authentic dancehall beat.

And having a list of people appearing on his album just gives him that much more credibility.

Of course the infectious “Gimme the Light” was Paul’s mainstream breakout. Even those who aren’t fans of the genre found themselves humming the tune at least once this summer. And the remix, featuring Busta Rhymes, brings a new dimension to the hit song.

Another delight is the track “Like Glue,” about his lifestyle. It is quite catchy, especially if you don’t understand Patois very well.

In the chorus, Paul sings, “All I know the time is getting dread/ need a lot o’ tr–s up in my head/ got a lot o’ damsel in my head…” It is along the lines of a song many may find kind of crass, but cannot stop bumping to.

For a smooth, breezy break, there is “I’m Still in Love with You.” The song features Sasha and has a way of making you sway to the music before you even realize you are doing it.

“Can You Do the Work” is one of the best cuts on “Dutty Rock.” The song features Ce’Cile and it is set to the same beat as another reggae song that caught mainstream airplay, “Give it to Her” by Tanto Metro and Devonte.

The overall vibe of Paul’s sophomore effort is impressive, yet he does have a few sleepers on the LP. “Bubble” featuring Farenheit and “Shake that Thing” are somewhat mundane and commonplace.

But that does not stop the flow of “Dutty Rock.”

Other artists that can be found on the album are Rahzel, Tony Touch and more. Fans of Shaggy, Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks and other crossover success stories will definitely want “Dutty Rock” for the c.d. changer.