Break cycle, be proud of dark complexion

What’s going on in the world today? Why is it that blacks no longer want to be black? Now, this has always gone on, but it is even more evident in today’s society and I am sick of it!

People have forgotten about the radical “I’m Black and I’m proud” movement of the 1960’s. The movement now is “I’m Black but I want to be lighter.”

I remember a student saying he doesn’t date anyone darker than himself. Another guy said to me, “You’re pretty, for a dark skinned girl.” Um, loser, get a life. You’re ugly for a guy!

Some females say they only like “light skinned” guys and only want a “light skinned” husband because they don’t want their kids to be dark.


Black is one of the most beautiful and most hated colors in the world.

When classified as a race, the colors within “Black” span from brown, black, blue black, corn yellow, mahogany and so on. They surpass the colors of all the other races combined.

If black or dark is so bad, explain why so many Caucasian people encourage themselves and others of their race to go to a tanning salon or the beach to get that “natural tan” from the sun.

It seems as if the entire universe is in flip-mode: whites want to be black and blacks want to be white, or at least “light.”

Why haven’t people learned to love themselves the way they are created? Have you thought maybe if it were for you to be lighter or darker, you would have been born that way?

I understand if you want to just get rid of dark spots so your skin can be an even color, but why be like Michael Jackson and get rid of all your dark spots.

Not so long ago in Africa, citizens started to invest in skin creams that lightened the skin, that ended up destroying peoples’ lives because the cream was defective. Is this the choice you want to make?

It’s possible to break away from the vicious cycle and create your own. Learn to love yourself for who you are and love others for who they are.

Just because that guy or girl’s skin is darker than you prefer doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of attention. Some of the most beautiful souls have skin that isn’t light.

Let go of the “white man’s” brainwashing game and be yourself.

Isn’t that one of the reason’s you came to FAMU, to be around people like yourself?

Think about it!

Robyn K. Mizelle, 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student, from Lake City.