SGA seeks help from other clubs for food drive

This Thanksgiving marks the sixth annual food drive sponsored by the Student Government Association.

SGA is asking clubs, organizations and individuals to donate money, which will be used to purchase food baskets from Publix.

Each basket will be donated to needy families and contain a turkey, two side dishes, two vegetables and a desert and will cost 45 dollars each.

“One hundred fifteen (baskets) is our goal this year” said Shanita Webb, secretary of community affairs.

Last year, the SGA advised them to purchase 116 baskets, but this year the goal is 115 to commemorate the university’s 115 years of existence.

After the baskets have been purchased, they will be donated to the Salvation Army.

“The baskets will be given to randomly selected names from their Christmas List…and will be given out Nov. 26,” said Elissa Cook, a case worker for the Salvation Army.

SGA set a deadline for Nov. 18 to collect money for the baskets, but the deadline has been extended to Friday to meet or exceed its goal of 115 baskets.

SGA is also attempting to have Publix sponsor the drive by donating food or matching funds to help meet its goal.

Anyone interested in donating money can contact the Student Government Association at (850) 599-3624.