Good! Bye

My untimely death comes swiftly

I can feel it

snatching everything from me and what my gift is.

A quotient of a twisted divide

My backbone of life is splitting right at the spine.

The summation of an unreached destination

unanswered questions for the quest I’m facin’.

So many days past

on this pragmatic path I have

Days I left never promised

so much time squandered, demolished

The essence of my Ebony existence ends like a fragmented sentence

haulted by a petulant period.

But as my tormented soul rises

there are no more surprises, disguises

to break the beat of my heart, so frightened.

Elated I am now

parting the perfectly puffy clouds

peering into the souls through eyes of my anguished ancestors.

This disease of a humanly body no longer festers

I am home.