Response to SBI “Slave Building Incorporated”

The author of this piece was intensely critical of the philosophy of the School of Business & Industry. His assaults are not completely baseless, but I wonder the depth and involvement of his affiliation with the school. SBI like any other institution is not oblivious to criticism, but to make such a direct and blatant attack at the school and its students is haphazard. The school does not explicitly encourage entrprenuership nor does it openly promote it, but the strength of any institution is that of the individuals that make it up. As a graduate student who has witnessed the natural progression of thought and understanding of those enrolled; I feel confident saying his assertion that SBI teaches a slave mentality is ignorant and could not be further from the truth. The school teaches an understanding of all the elements of succesful business practices. If you choose to limit your search for employment to corporate America that is an individual choice. In general terms principles of business are not engrained/nor practiced in the Black community. For centuries Blacks have been viewed as a source of labor. To correct this condition, the school itself promotes knowledge and the networking skills necesary to succeed in an environment that thrives off our failure and continued ignorance. To take for granted the skills necessary to succeed in corporate America is also to take for granted the skills required for SURVIVAL in the entrprenuerial arena. I respect and appluad the open expression of your collegue, but I would advise our community and the voices that speak for it to be less eager to attack and more devoted to understanding. Thank You.

Kevin MackIncoming Class 1997Graduate Student – School of Business and Industry850.321.64516504 9th AvenueHyattsville, MD 20783