2 parties, 1 vision

The Republicans have taken over the political system of the United State of America. The Democrats are trying to rebound from the devastation. Something must be done in order to return to the happy stability of the two-party system the country once had.

As most citizens know, the Republicans stand for clear choices such as low taxes and less government. If voters wanted to know which party to stand by, they wouldn’t have to scour for information because it’s put out there.

The Democrats, on the other hand, don’t have a clear message. If they desire to bounce back from their current state of near nothingness, they too need to get a concise message that stands for their party.

After viewing the game plan each party utilized in the past election, it was evident what audiences they were trying to reach.

Whereas the Republicans reached out to a number of sources, the Democrats limited themselves to a traditional base.

If they really want to get back into the political world after losing almost all positions, they must begin to reach out to other voters besides minorities.

The country cannot operate under the rule of one party alone. In order for the country to fully consider all viewpoints of its people it needs to have more than the majority reigning.

The Democratic Party needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility. Accept the the loss and start planning for the next election. Don’t wallow in misery, move on so this tragedy doesn’t happen again.

The Republicans must ensure their success doesn’t go to their heads. O.K., Republicans won a majority of the ballots, but that doesn’t mean the world is theirs to conquer. They must realize that they still represent a country based on numerous perspectives.

– Dominique Drake for the Editorial Board.