You say we are slaves and in a few years down the line, we’ll begin to hate our $90,000 paying job. SBI teaches us how to work for the white man and not for our own community. If you want to do something on your own, you must have the know how to do it. SBI gives students the tools, skills, etc. they need if they so desire to be an entrepreneur. YOU can’t just go jump into a 20 foot pool not know how to swim. And just becasue you don’t see it, doesn’t mean its not happening. There are several people who are in SBI that have started or in the process of starting their own businesses. This ranges from record companies, restraunts and clothing. Not to mention those that have already graduated and have their own business. BUt I guess if you weren’t in SBI, you wouldn’t know that.In regards to jobs. Because the salary is higher does not mean one will dislike their job even more. We all come to school to gain a further knowledge in what we are interested in. Why not be paid for your knowledge while at the same time doing what you like. If one decides that the field is not what he or she originally thought it would be, they would look to something else. Whether it was during or after thier college career.Unfortunately, this world is predominantly white and black people are struggling everyday in it. To win the game, you must know how to play the rules. Once you’ve mastered the game, you can “tweek” the rules a bit to your liking. If black people want to really be at the forefront, we need to “quit complaing” and get off our butts. Instead of putting down our fellowman, help them up. Just because you see a group of young “professional” African American males and females in suits doesn’t mean they’re in a cult. SBI is further ahead in professionalism than many other business schools. Is it jealousy, who knows! Or maybe its the slave mentality thats still holds black people back from being successful.

K.S.I am a graduating MBA candidate (DEC 02) from California that will sucessfully complete SBI’s professional MBA prgram.