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I’m not actually writing a letter to the editor this time. I am only asking that you kindly forward my letter that I wrote to Mr. Wilson – becasue the emails address supplied was bad. Here is the Email I wrote to Theo Wilson:

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Dear Theo Wilson:

I read your recent story about Jeb. (Good point, that you reap what you sow, but analysis is also about the whole picture, not just one side.)

Since you seem to be interested in hearing all sides, I would like your opinion on my (short!) 299 word letter to the editor (word count doesn’t count this note or contact information) …that I submitted to your paper, below. PS: It seems that some people have their mind made up as to what kind of things a person – or letter – will say, but would you actually read my letter in its entirety and give my your opinion – bearing in mind that I was not able to put in a lot of detail, just a bare-bones skeleton, each fact listed representing ten others that couldn’t fit in? Thank you, Theo,


“Regarding Jeb!

After implementating One Florida, minority enrollment at UF dropped from 11.8% to 7.2% (St Pete Times, 06-18-2002) – this after Jeb failed to consult with the public.

Studies find smaller class size is important for Kindergartners.

Jeb’s Secretory of State, Jim Smith, failed to order the mandatory machine recount (as was done in 2000) when Reno was defeated by less than half a percent: the 2,500 votes found pushed McBride’s margin of victory to below 0.5%, but Smith denied Reno’s lawful recount request for a time. In fact, a pending “recount” lawsuit exists, but fat-cat Republicans and Conservative press want this kept quiet!

Jeb’s voucher initiative seems funny, but to his credit, this plan is consistent with how Universities operate: If I can take my Federal Pell grant/loans to “private religious” colleges without cries of “draining money from public Universities,” then Jeb’s voucher plan should be allowed for “private religious” grade schools too.

Bush supports smaller class size in lower grades, but rightfully opposes it for higher grades and college, where studies find it has little noticeable effect (except cost!). In fact, at FSU, I took Chemistry classes with around 300 students, and had no problem: I studied hard and asked help from professors or teaching assistants if needed – and achieved a 3.3 GPA upon graduation. (Go noles!)

Lastly, university enrollment of minority freshmen increased overall by about one-fifth of one percent, not great but MORE THAN worth the “intangible” gains: As a minority myself (American Indian), I’m glad I can say I was admitted on merit, instead of “quotas,” thus removing any cloud of doubt regarding my achievements.

This makes me wonder if the true opponents to that recount aren’t greedy Democrats, willing to break the law to keep Reno out of the general election.”

Gordon Wayne WattsEmail: (yes – you may include my email address when publishing letter)MY website: Phone: 863-688-9880Work Phones: 863-686-3411 or 863-687-6141821 Alicia RoadLakeland, Florida 33801-2113* * * * * * * ** * * * * * ** * * * * * * *