SGA to make trip home easier

The Student Government Association is collaborating with University Luxury Travel and the University President’s Office to provide free transportation from campus to the local airport and bus station during winter break.

Tara Hall, a FAMU graduate and CEO of University Luxury Travel contacted SGA leadership with the idea, after she learned about their mission to assist students’ needs.

SGA leadership was also seeking to help support and promote black businesses in Tallahassee.

Having been a FAMU student, Hall understood the need and desire for a different mode of transportation.

SGA president Andre Hammel agreed that it is essential to provide students with an alternative to taxi cabs and unreliable means of transportation.

Freshmen who live on campus cannot always depend on other students and friends to transport them. In the past, students have missed their flights because of similar circumstances.

University Luxury Travel, a trip and travel planning company, will provide charter buses to shuttle students from campus to Tallahassee Regional Airport and the Greyhound bus station. The shuttles will run on intervals depending on the number of students that request the service.

The first week in December is the proposed date for students to sign up, but there is limited space.

The University President’s Office is working toward servicing all interested students.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Madeline Powell-Avila, 18, a freshman business student from Atlanta.”

“It makes a lot of sense to help students out because we’re all on a budget, especially during the holidays.”

The Rock Solid Administration will pay for the transportation services, provided to students free of charge.

Hammel said between now and the sign up date all of the logistics will be worked out.

“We’re seeking the most efficient way possible to accommodate students.”

SGA and the University President’s Office will also be sponsoring several students’ traveling expenses for the winter holidays.

There are limited resources available, therefore only a few students will be able to participate in this particular opportunity.

SGA has not yet decided on how these funds will be allocated. Hammel suggested having a contest giveaway on SGA Talk that is broadcast on WANM every Wednesday at 12:30 pm.

“I feel it’s about time we’ve provided this service,” said Robert Brewer, 20, a junior business student and executive branch member of SGA from Saginaw, Mich.

“We have a lot of out of state students that may want to go home for the holidays. FAMU is a family atmosphere, we need to have a family oriented attitude,” For more information call the SGA hotline at 599-8888 or visit