Gov. Bush should re-evaluate tactics

Dear Jeb, What is wrong with you and your brother? Was being raised on Nazi blood money not enough?

You two are so greedy, you stole history. Congratulations on being elected to enforce white supremacy in Florida for four more years.

The One Florida Initiative has successfully stopped blacks from breaking the glass ceiling.

That’s one more piece of your soul, gone and for what? The New World Order? What an arrogant farce.

The sad thing is you’re the one with the brains, and you’ll never be president. And as for your family life…

Your daughter keeps getting caught with drugs…in rehab! A fine testament to your capabilities as a father and a leader.

Jeb, this article was written out of love, as scathing as it may be. Your yes-men are harming you by telling you what you want to hear.

You whored and lied to the public for your re-election, but you knew not to come to FAMU talking that crap.

And you do it all for a position, the only thing that makes a Bush a somebody.

You see, you don’t have any power, only the position.

A public servant ain’t nothin’ but a slave with connections. Remember that.

In the cutthroat world of politics, the higher you rise equals the lower you sink as a person.

However, we all reap what we sow.

Stop lying to yourself, thinking you’re above this universal law. You’re not!

Each day, you set more things in motion that you have to answer for.

Trying to speak to your soul is like whispering to a coma patient.

You’ve done so much already that there seems to be no turning back, but it’s possible.

The bottom line is, please stop now.

Stop the lies and deception. It’s just law that what you do to someone else, you only do to yourself.

Ponder that.

The liar’s tongue only deceives himself, so who are you really playing?

The lies are as hollow as a drum.

You can say what you want, but no one can hear your words because your actions are speaking so loudly.

If you ever stop to think, “What if this karma stuff is real,” then you’ll realize it’ll be lifetimes before you pay your debt to the universe.

It must be lonely at the top of the world of politics, because no one really cares for you, not even your family.

All jokes aside, though the average man doesn’t have all the wealth and the fame, at least he knows there are people who genuinely love him.

It’s corny, but it’s real. In the final analysis, what is all the stress of keeping the facade worth if no one around you truly gives a damn about you?

They only care about what you can do for them.

Sure, no one can touch you or make you answer for your crimes, but all you are is a well-armed coward, afraid to face yourself. But this is inevitable.

Theo Wilson, 22, is a senior theater student from Denver. He can be reached at