Enough propaganda

There is a new tape of Osama bin Laden being shown on every news station from CNN to ABC.

This tape is supposedly proof that he is still alive and that he hates America, but they aren’t even sure that it’s him.

This is the essence of propaganda.

On the six o’clock news for the last week, “The Infamous Osama Tape,” is all that Americans supposedly want to see. America now has proof that they more than likely bombed innocent people instead of killing Osama, but no news about that.

President Bush finally has to admit that maybe Osama is smart enough to dodge a global search so we should stop wasting our money, but that didn’t make the news either.

We already knew America was not his favorite country, but him saying, “America will pay,” is what makes the news.

Just a tape of a man we aren’t sure is him, is played over and over again, in a language that we are sure isn’t English with subtitles at the bottom.

If ever America could be sure that Bush wanted us to hate a man more, now is that time.

Propaganda has reached an all time high surrounding Osama and Sudaam Hussein, and that is at the top of the hour, every hour, on every news station from here to Seattle.

Our economy isn’t in the best shape, our education system falls further and further behind that of other countries, and every city from Tallahassee to Compton is plagued with homelessness. But let’s hunt down and kill Osama. Let’s find the man on that tape.

-Bridget Nance for the editorial board.