Applicants for VP of Student Affairs narrowed to 5

After evaluating more than 50 applicants, five candidates have been selected as finalists for vice president of Student Affairs at Florida A&M. The five candidates are * Leslie Keith Bates, dean of Student Affairs at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton* William J. Bynum Jr., vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at Wilson Lincoln University, Lincoln, Penn; * Katherine M. Houghton, vice president of Enrollment Management at Wilson College, Chanbersurg, Penn; *Michelle B. Releford, district vice president for Student Affairs at Edison Community College, Ft. Myers, FL; and * Lyn Willet, vice president for Student Affairs at Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater, Mass.

LocalMan arrested in shooting death of Tallahassee cop Coy Evans Jr, 32,is being held in Leon County Jail without bail on charges of killing a Tallahassee police officer. Sgt. Dale Green was shot by Evans, while responding to a home invasion robbery on Melody Circle. Law enforcement officials said Evans admitted to shooting Green because the sergeant startled him. Evans has served time for two home invasion robberies like the one prior to Green’s shooting.

NationalSniper suspect denied request Sniper suspect John Malvo. 17, was denied requests for better treatment. Malvo’s lawyers said his right to privacy and other rights were violated by guards. Defense lawyers claimed Malvo’s mattress is too thin, he has been denied reading material, and he is being denied vegetarian meals. Juvenile court judge Charles Maxfield denied the requests. Malvo is being kept at Fairfax County jail, an adult facility, despite efforts by his lawyers to put him in a Juvenile jail.

FBI warns of possible terrorism attacks’ With Osama bin Laden’s new tape of threats in their possession, the FBI has warned the United States of possible attacks, in connection to last year’s attacks. Because of details about potential targets, national alert has remained at yellow. it’s third level. FBI officials said al-Qaida may rely on low-technology platforms such as truck bombs, watercraft bombs, or easily concealed explosives.

StateWoman pleads guilty to leaving infant in van A Miami woman pleaded guilty Friday to aggravated manslaughter for accidentally leaving an infant in a minivan until he died. Yunia Perez,26, was supposed to drop the infant, Phillip Gutmann off at day care. Police said she discovered the child dead. Perez was sentenced to 10 years probation.

Freight train kills two men in separate accidents A freight train killed a college student and another man in New Smyrna Beach. The student, William John Rodriguez was killed while walking beside the train tracks. Hours earlier, another man was found lying on the tracks in an apparent suicide.

InternationalCuba to buy food from black U.S. farmers Cuba has agreed to buy goods from black farmers under a U.S law that allows direct sales of farm products to the island. The law, which was established in 2000, caused Cubans to purchase more than $200 million dollars worth of American food in cash from large agribusiness corporations. The agreement will now help black farmers with smaller markets. There are approximately 12,000 full-time black farmers and 7,000 part-time farmers in the United States.

15 Jamaican shoppers injured, five killed, in shooting spree A group of Jamaican gunmen opened fire in downtown Kingston, killing five and wounding 15. Police said there are no clear motives for the shooting spree. Kingston hospital officials said the 15 that were wounded are in critical condition. None of the victims have been publicly identified.

compiled by Natrice Bullard