The TRUTH of SBI: A Strong Foundation

This is in response to the article by Mr. Wilson, “The LIE of SBI: Capitalism”.

Mr. Wilson’s opinion about SBI sounds just like someone who IS NOT and SBIAN. You’re on the outside looking in. Shame on you for putting down your fellow students who choose a career in business. You say that SBI “brainwashes” students to chase crumbs…but excuse me sir, have you seen the paycheck of one of my fellow SBI Alumni? Those “crumbs” you say we chase feed our families, allow us to give back to our communities, AND fund scholarships for students like you. When you get out into the REAL world, you will realize that it takes money to live – or did you plan on going through life without it?

You also say that SBI should focus 100 percent of its power on teaching entrepreneurship, but how realistic is that? What business school in the country or even worldwide ONLY focuses on entrepreneurship? Everyone always focuses on PART of what SBI stands for – Professionalism. You see us on Tuesdays and Thursdays in our black, blue, and gray suits and automatically think that we have been striped of our “ethnicity”. So do you mean to tell me that we are no longer “ethnic” if we wear suits and learn to be professional? Sorry sweetie, but my “ethnicity” is more than skin deep. I know who I am, I don’t need anyone to validate that for me, and no one can strip it from me.

Professionalism is just one side of SBI. We are taught fundamental and advanced business skills that will allow us to succeed in any environment. These are the same skills that are needed to start and run our own successful businesses – if we choose. That’s what you missed. Our business degree gives us CHOICES. Who do you think is going to run the Theater company you end up working for? And that agent you search for when you’re looking for your big break? You better pray that you get someone who has learned the business skills we are taught in SBI – or you’re going to be the one chasing crumbs.

You are sadly mistaken if you think we are unhappy with our well paying jobs. And you should also know that we can have a job AND fulfill our artistic dreams at the same time. That baseless dollar bill gives me the freedom to support any dream I have. Additionally, in SBI I learned to use my creativity to find innovative ways to solve the business problems I am faced with daily. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel darn happy inside when I am able to do things like put my little sister through school, and help other family members and friends when they need it. When was the last time you gave away a car to help someone who needed it? I wouldn’t be able to do those kinds of things without my well paying job.

So what are YOU going to do when you’re the one in the cold after all your schooling, broke as a joke, and looking for a job? Don’t worry, we SBIAN’s don’t hold grudges – I’m sure there will be one of us working at some major movie company that can give you a job.