Mirror Me (part 2)

Amber droplets

of golden wisdom

Spit sunshine

lessons to my soul

the chamber of the

King of Kings

is the journeys end

to a pathway that


3 steps up my column spinal

to the spot the requires wet kisses

on the pyramid in my head

in Hotep everything is good

which brings me back to you

melting slowly

down to one drop


that’s when I feel it

if you still got time to rap

4 hours past midnite

half past Amun

is my moon

mediating to me

a sweet gift of melody

it rhymes with…


You and Me

Sounds as sweet as

sitting all alone

warming your place on my throne

to sail celestial seas

in a ship that JAH built

to twinkle in the light

of the Dog Star

I see dead people in the water

I see the living have fallen asleep

but the words of wisdom you speak to me

have awakened something inside of me

so I plan to pass to you

this knowledge of eternity

as you share with me your power of spirituality

if you bless me with your beauty

I’ll reflect you with my speech

Divine knowledge is my power

Divine love is your strength

I wonder if you’re my Moon

until I’m sure

I’ll orbit you


bathe in the sunshine of your rays

while I contemplate

am I reflecting you


are you reflecting me…