Post office hours draw student concern

Students expecting to receive net checks, bills or other important mail over the weekend may have to wait until Monday to access it.

Many students who go to check their mail at the campus post office on Saturdays usually find that it is not open or it has closed before the hours posted on the door, which are 9 a.m. to noon.

Postmaster Marcus Bryan said mailroom employees are not responsible for opening the post office doors on the weekend.

“Mailroom employees do not come in on the weekends,” he said. “The physical plant janitors open the lobby doors from 9 a.m. to two o’clock. They are responsible for opening the doors because they already have keys and there is no need to pay [mailroom employees] just to come and open the doors on the weekend.”

Some students said they feel as if there is no excuse for the post office to be closed on Saturdays.

“The post office should stay open until the hours they say or not open at all,” said LaTisha Knowles, 18, a freshman general studies student from Titusville.

Bryan said he has been told about the situation and he talked to the director of the physical plant to solve the problem.

“I got wind of the problem and it should be solved now,” he said.

Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance Kendall Jones also said the problem should be solved now.

“We have agreed to have my janitorial staff open the lobby doors on the weekend,” he said.

“We were under the impression that the post office staff were unlocking the doors on the weekend.”

Even though the lobby is open to students on Saturdays, Bryan said that mail does not come in on the weekend,

“We do not receive new mail on Fridays, so students will not get any new mail on the weekends” he said.

Although mail does not come in on the weekend, students still think that they should be able to check their mail whenever they feel like it.

“I feel like they need to change the official hours if they can’t open on time” said Tia Hunter, 20, a junior business administration student from Cleveland. “It’s messed up when we are supposed to get mail and we can’t get it until Monday. That’s an inconvenience.”

Kendall Jones said that although the post office has had some problems in the past with lobby hours, he said it should no longer be a problem.

“There was some confusio until a few weeks ago, but now my staff will be opening the doors so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. We do extra things like this sometimes because it doesn’t make any sense to have to pay someone else to do it” he said.

Students should now expect the post office lobby to be open on Saturdays from now on.

Although the hours on the door say that the lobby is open from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays, Bryan said that they stay open longer.

“The hours on the door say 9 to twelve, but we try to stay open a few hours longer for the students”.