Roll call reads ridiculous

Forcing students to come to class in one breath and calling them adults with another is not only a paradox, but a blatant violation of educational freedom.

The university attendance policy mandates that after the third absence, teachers drop students from their classes and give them an “F.” Not many teachers actually adhere to this policy because it’s insane.

Many students feel since they are paying for class-or have worked hard for a scholarship that pays for their classes-attendance should not be mandated.

Another reason perfect attendance should not be mandated, is because every teacher has his or her own style. Some teachers teach straight from the book, with no improvisation. If students read the chapter, class is not necessary until test day.

In other classes, real world experiences and knowledge from other textbooks are used, in addition to the required text.

If students are not mature enough to decide which of these classes require attendance to pass, then they will figure it out after the first failing grade.

Sometimes growing up hurts.

To ease the pain, lower the failure rate and stop double standards about being “grown,” a medium must be found between having no policy and having one that is too stringent.

Florida State University leaves attendance policies up to individual professors.

For the honest teachers and students, this might be the best bet.

Some defiant teachers only require a phone call before or immediately following an absence.

They may be breaking the rules, but the University breaks its own standards by saying students are adults, while making mandates for the education they pay for.

-Danielle Wright for the Editorial Board.