Now and Then…

What do we have left,

besides a few memories,

a couple of photos,

and the undying love in our hearts?

JP, you’ll always be apart

of our lives,

until the end of time.

Your presence will forever be felt

just the thought of you makes my heart melt.

We’ve known each other so long

but in a split second you were gone,

and I wasn’t near you…

I wasn’t even there

but I know you know I care.

Why did this happen to us?

In GOD, I’ll forever have trust.

Still, with the blink of an eye

just as the wind blew by,

you were erased from this earth,

strangers will never know your worth,

foes will always want to see

how much you meant to me

JP, you weren’t phony,

you were what we call a real ‘G’.


I’ll keep you in my thoughts

I’ll think of you everyday

as I proceed to drink my quart

our memories will always remain

and when the time comes,

when it’s my turn,

because of you, I won’t run.

We’ll meet up again,

a better place, a better space

and lots of extra time to catch up on


This poem is dedicated to the memory of Johnathon Phillips who died in a car crash on Oct. 27, 2002. This poem is coming straight from his brothers – KB, J4, Mike and Nook and all of his family and friends. R.I.P JP–We Love U!