Research issues, candidates before you vote

Elections are fast approaching and yet the same question still remains. Who you wit’?

Stop and think about that statement and how it applies to you for a second. Do you know who your representatives are?

Do you know what their voting records are? How about a little closer to home; do you like Jeb?

No…why not? What specific policies of his are you against? What about McBride? Do you know anything about him?

How come? Whether you want to believe it or not any vote you cast always counts.

The only real question is do you know what it is counting for?

As important as it is to vote, being informed about who you are voting for is even more important. Do your research, check things out, at the very least visit the official party websites and arm yourself with knowledge before you pick a side in the voting booth.

If you vote straight Republican on your ballot, do you have any idea what the repercussions of that are?

The war with Iraq will go ahead full throttle with or without backup from the U.N.

The government will continue to cut Federal aid to libraries, the arts, public television, health care insurance, groups such as the Boys and Girls clubs, fighting AIDS, cancer and other medical ailments.

Stem cell research will continue to never be federally funded. Affirmative action will cease to exist in any form.

The richest 50% of Americans will receive tax cuts and the bottom half will get reduced welfare benefits.

Are these the type of people you want running the nation? Do you actually agree with and support these ideas?

If not then why are you voting for these people time and time again?

Voting for the Democratic party?

Do you know why you are a Democrat?

As much as I hate to say this, “I’m black” or “Because the Bushes are stupid” doesn’t really count.

Do you agree with increased spending on the arts?

Do you think the Bush tax cuts were irresponsible?

Would you like a more progressive welfare program and more spent on public education?

How would you like to have a higher minimum wage and extended unemployment benefits?

And while we are at it how about a tax “rebate” for middle and lower class Americans?

If all or at least most of that sounds like something you want the government to get behind, then by all means when voting time comes punch “D” for democrat.

So you don’t vote either straight Democrat or straight Republican?

Do you look closely at each candidate and vote for the one you like regardless of political affiliation?

Then you are an independent. Sadly I have some bad news. See there are these two positions of great importance in our government. The Senate majority leader and the House majority leader.

They get to decide exactly what issues get voted and debated on in the Senate and House of Representatives respectively.

It is important to research the beliefs and actions of people’s political parties, because on the national level, you are voting for a person’s party just as much if not more so than you are voting for them.

Election time is right around the corner and this year’s election will be of a ridiculous amount of importance to our future.

Daniel Watkins, 19, is a sophomore computer information systems students from Augusta, Ga.