Controversy consumes concert

The Homecoming concert had its share of exciting and boring moments.

FAMU students, along with many other spectators, piled into the Leon County Civic Center to see several of their favorite local and mainstream artists.

The artists who were scheduled to perform included Jaheim, Truth Hurts, Lil’ Wayne, BG, Youngbloodz and Turk, with Big Tigger of BET’s “Rap City” as the emcee.

Unfortunately, Shari “Truth Hurts” Watson left her performance prematurely after receiving a cold reception from the crowd. However, she did perform her popular songs, “Contagious” and “The Truth.”

While speaking to Truth Hurts about her latest single, “The Truth,” she said the single was doing simply, “O.K.”

“I believe the R. Kelly situation is part of the reason the single is only doing O.K.,” she said.

Another no-show was Lil’ Wayne, who was scheduled to perform with BG and Turk. It has become well known, however, that there is no love between BG and Turk, who are no longer on Cash Money Records, and Lil’ Wayne, who still is an artist on Cash Money. This became evident when talking to Turk and BG backstage.

“F-k Wayne,” said Turk.

“Wayne heard we were supposed to be here, and he left,” added BG.

Despite their dislike for Cash Money Records, BG and Turk did give a decent performance. They performed, “Hot Girls,” and several tracks from their upcoming album scheduled for release in early 2003.

Other rap performances included 54th Platoon, Youngbloodz and Nappy Headz.

Youngbloodz performed “U-Way” and “85,” from their last album, “Against the Grain.” They also performed “Cadillac Pimpin,'” a track from their upcoming album, “Drankin’ Patnaz”

While talking backstage with Sean Paul and J-Bo, of Youngbloodz, they said their next single off the album would be, “Tequila.”

Without a doubt, the best rap performance came from the Nappy Headz. They had the most energy and crowd support. During their performance, they featured their hit single, “Robbery,” which uses a beat similar to Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.”

Their performance also included some of their singles dubbed over other popular rap beats. That provoked even more crowd participation.

Jaheim was the last to perform, and from the reaction of the female crowd, he was well worth the wait. Jaheim performed many songs from his previous album, “Ghetto Love,” including “Anything,” and “What Could It Be.” He also performed several songs from his new album, “Still Ghetto”

While talking with Jaheim backstage, he was excited about the new album.

“I think this album is almost as good as my last one. I think,” said Jaheim. “The reason I say that is because you never really have the same feeling as putting out your first album. This album is full of soul. People are gonna get this album and be blown away.”