Artists need big attitude adjustments

Back stage at the concert, the hallway was filled with smoke, but there was no fire.

There were smashed grapes on the floor, but there was no wine and there was a “contagious” attitude going around, among people who thought they were platinum artists, but aren’t: Truth Hurts and BG of Hot Boyz to be exact.

Maybe the smoke affected their minds or maybe they weren’t satisfied with being treated like the kings and queens they aren’t.

Whatever happened, some attitudes of the so-called “superstars” were not so welcoming.

Truth, as she likes to be called, has only released one successful single yet gave the impression that “I am greater than thou.”

Girl please! My cousin sister baby daddy down the street across from Ray-Ray sings better than you.

Truth didn’t even fill the 30 minutes she was scheduled to perform because of a lack of audience participation, but I think it was because she didn’t have that many songs.

Truth responded to a question about her real name by answering, “Why?”

Well Truth, if you are on an interview, slow chile’, people would like to know your given name.

She answered, “Nah, Just Truth.” Then, tried to sugar-coat her rudeness by calling me “sweetie.”

Please! That is unnecessary. If you are going to be rude, be rude, don’t try to rearrange my brain cells by confusing me with your multiple personalities.

BG from Hot Boyz had a little bit too much of the smoke and was on an ego trip as well.

This bad breath, weed smelling, bad teeth boy shouldn’t attempt to be higher than anybody until he gets himself fixed.

When questioned if he and friends would take a photo, he rolled his eyes, let out a loud sigh and walked away.

That is childish.

I had to deal with his manager in order to talk to him. His ego doesn’t make any sense considering BG hasn’t had a decent album since 1998.

He hooks up with other people and steals their shine while trying to make his own rhymes.

Maybe these artists were affected by the large amounts of marijuana they were inhaling and the alcohol they were consuming.

Truth and BG weren’t the only two people tripping that night. Emcee Tigger had a tiny bit of “I’m-better-than-you” syndrome too.

I had to speak with Mr. Tigger’s manager every time I needed to take a picture of him.

No, uh uh, buddy you are not all that. I know a couple DJs that would gladly take you on and shine you out.

These people had completely fallen off their horses. Not to mention the fight backstage between Nappy Headz and Hot Boyz which caused the smashed grapes on the floor, but that’s another story.

Don’t get it wrong, I am not hating on anyone, but too many rolled eyes, loud sighs and the contagious “I’m-better than-you-syndrome” has a sister like myself on edge and likely to tell Truth the truth and hurt her feelings. But, Truth’s little manager friend, was tripping even harder than she was, so don’t think she learned that behavior all by herself.

Overall though, the bulk of the artists there, were courteous and kind, with the occasional “You sexy” compliment, and even offered me some food. Yet, those rude standouts said a little too much for it not to be repeated to the beautiful Rattlers at FAMU.

Robyn Mizelle , 19, is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Lake City. She can be reached at