Whanish Way And Gamble St.

I wasn’t going to comment on how Gamble Street and Whanish Way is now currently blocked off until I realized how much Gamble Street was needed. From my understanding the reason that these streets were blocked off was to provide a walk way from SBI to the new Journalism building. First, wasn’t there already a walkway provided hence the speed bump in the middle of Gamble St. allowing students to cross the street? Second, why would SBI students be going to the Journalism building? Lastly, why is there a walkway being built for a building that doesn’t even exist yet? Supposedly this bright idea was meant for the students of Florida A and M University, so why didn’t the students have any say so as to what goes on, on the campus that they come to every day? Who’s bright idea was it to create this “walk way” and how can this decision be reversed? I literally dread driving down Whanish Way because of the increased traffic due to the fact that FAMU now has one less street to fully utilize. From my years here at FAMU it seems like the little money that we are getting is going to waste on unnecessary things. For instance, we have a pond, a walkway, and picnic tables but don’t have sufficient housing. We have a new journalism building being built but nowhere to park to get to the classes in this building. Finally we have a new SBI wing but no room to put the SBI students that are not in the 5-year program. Is it me, or does FAMU have its priorities a tad bit confused. I am in fact only one person but I don’t think that I am the only one that feels this way. I no longer want to complain about the problem but instead want to act on a solution, so where do I start?