The Price to Party

Homecoming is a major function that brings in a large amount of money.

Statistics have shown that during previous homecoming events, visitors and students bring about $6.2 million in expenditures into the city of Tallahassee, said Wayne Harris, an executive director at the Chamber of Commerce.

“This year’s homecoming is expected to bring in a higher income than last year’s,” Harris said.

Statistics are based on the spending patterns of people in the city during the week of the event.

When it comes to FAMU’s homecoming, it is guaranteed that alumni will be dressed in their orange and green for a fun-filled weekend of activities.

Alumni come for fun and come to spend their money.

“Since graduation, I can honestly say that I have no problem setting money aside for my alma mater’s homecoming,” said Diane Paschal, an alumna.

“I enjoy supporting my Rattlers.”

When alumni come to town they contribute greatly to FAMU bookstore sales.

In the bookstore, the main purchases are of the higher priced items.

“During the week of homecoming there is about a $50,000 increase in sales from alumni,” said Felix Robinson, the general manager of FAMU’s bookstore.

“Alumni buy textbooks, a lot of giftware and winter clothes.”

Not only are alumni preparing for this event, but students are also beginning to save up their dollars for this weekend.

“Every year I try to save at least $200 for all events for that weekend,” said Wendy Hosking, 20, a third year computer science student from Miami.

Hosking, and other students have been watching their bank statements very carefully.

They said most of their money is spent at FAMU’s homecoming, but they don’t mind the extra expenses.

New businesses are also preparing for the large crowd.

Restaurants in Tallahassee are going to be over crowded with people from all over the country.

“I am expecting to see families and friends and I’m hoping that they will visit my new ice cream restaurant,” said Tyrra Carter, alumna and CEO of Tyrra’s Waffles-N-Cream.

Rattlers are putting on their FAMU gear and getting ready to strike again.