McBride best bet

(Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this editorial are not the views of The Famuan as an A&S agency but the views of The Famuan’s Editorial Board, which represents the newspaper. )

About a week from now, thousands of Floridians will flock to voting polls to vote for a slate of new legislative officers. No doubt, the highlight of their ballots will be the race for governor.

Though many are concerned that Bill McBride is not a seasoned politician, that’s probably his best asset.

He’s fresh to the office. Hopefully he will take his cue from Jeb Bush’s past mistakes with FAMU.

The current governor has had his high points while in office. Bush increased funding for primary and secondary educational institutions. He implemented the Just Read and mentoring programs.

Good ol’ Jeb even reduced Florida’s overall crime rate by 24 percent.

But the elder Bush brother has had more opposition in the past four years than praise from the students on this campus.

The march to the Capitol two years ago in protest of Bush’s One Florida Initiative is just one example.

Don’t put aside the fact that Bush and his staff made hundreds of students and supporters sit in the Capitol because they refused to answer to why hundreds of students were turned away from the polls for national elections.

It may take McBride a few months to come up to speed with the mounds of FAMU issues needing to be addressed but he’ll get it right.

Whoever wins this race will have four years to make or break Florida.

Voters have the power to decide who that will be. Make the right choice.

-Vanessa Clarke for the Editorial Board.