Freshmen catch Rattler ssspirit

Homecoming has become the event of the season for Rattler country. Most memories end up framed in picture books, used later to recall how wonderful of a time you had. The only thing more exciting than Homecoming is homecoming for the first time.

Freshmen get a chance to experience one of the true joys of being a Rattler, as a Rattler. “I have been to Homecoming before but, this year I’m not just a fan,” said Devin Patterson, a first year pharmacy student from Savannah, Ga. “Attending the game this year as a student should be more fun.”

Many fans focus on the score of the game but, to Sean Daniels, a freshman physical therapy student from Dayton, Ohio, Homecoming weekend is more than just a game. “I am looking forward to the wild atmosphere, a whole lot of females, and a whole lot of new faces.”

Aside from the football game itself, the excitement of the weekend can be overwhelming. Noel Harvey, a freshman biology student from Los Angeles, is thinking about sleeping now to catch up on the sleep she will lose once the weekend arrives.

“I need to sleep now,” Harvey said. “I don’t want to miss anything because I was tired.”

Some freshmen are already in the Homecoming spirit. Erica Lockhart, 18, a general studies student from Jacksonville, has family and friends visiting for the event.

“I’ve already had to purchase tickets for the Moon and for the game,” she said. “I’m trying to get all of the running around done now so I can have fun when my people get here.”

When asked what she would like or dislike most about Homecoming, Lockhart gave the same answer. “Traffic will probably be my best and worst enemy” Lockhart said. “During regular games the traffic is bad, but riding in the traffic and seeing all of the people who came in town for a football game should be fun.”