Final play decides champions

Team Duval surrendered the intramural flag football championship title with 26.1 seconds remaining on the clock. There was no need to play on. A game-changing play by Da Last Breed’s Derrick Whipple destroyed Duval’s hopes of repeating last season’s triumph.

Thursday night’s championship was not decided until the final play.

With 40.1 seconds remaining in the contest, Whipple picked off a misguided pitch from Duval quarterback Bobby Brown. Whipple ran through the stunned Duval offense to score the final touchdown of the game.

“I’ve been doing the same thing all year, making interceptions, I knew they were going to pitch so I got the interception, took it to the house and won the game,” Whipple said.

Da Last Breed’s wide receiver Jacquay Nunnally announced, “The championship is back in Dade County” after his team’s 34-25 victory.

Losing to Duval in the 2001 championship and earlier this season, Da Last Breed had a lot to prove coming into the championship. “They did win last year off of lucky interceptions and they whooped us pretty bad in the first game (during this season) so we had to get them back,” Whipple said.

Duval picked up an early lead, scoring on the first drive of the game. Brown hit Rick Dorsey with a short pass and Dorsey ran in for the touchdown. Brown rushed the Breed offense and was successful in the extra point attempt. Da Last Breed also scored on their first possession. A fade pass to Nunnally secured the extra point to equal the scores at seven.

Duval coach Arthur Jenkins had high hopes for his squad. “They’re a good team (Da Last Breed) but not good enough to beat my team tonight,” Jenkins said before the start of the championship.

For a good portion of the game, Jenkins’ prediction seemed accurate. Although Da Last Breed responded to most of the Duval scoring drives, by the end of the first half Duval had secured a comfortable lead.

With 58.1 seconds remaining in the first half, Dorsey intercepted a Breed pass and ran to the 10 yard line. On the next play, Eric Johnson caught a short pass from Brown for a short gain. On forth down and goal Ian Williams caught a pass in the end zone to increase the Duval lead to nine. After a failed two-point conversion attempt, Duval led 25-14.

Da Last Breed had enough time to get off one play but was unable to score in the last 16 seconds of the first half.

Keeping Duval scoreless for the entire second half, Da Last Breed made an impressive comeback.

Duval was plagued by a miscommunication between receivers and a number of missed tackles for much of the second half.

On Da Breed’s first possession in the second half, Anthony Lumpkin threw a pass to Torey Cooper in the end zone. After the extra point, the Duval lead was cut to five points.

Da Last Breed gained the lead (28-25) for the first time after Brodrick Hopkins caught a clear pass from Lumpkin.

Brown, who received the flag football Heisman trophy at halftime, predicted a completely different outcome for the championship. “They don’t stand a chance. We beat them last year in the championship and earlier this year, what more do we have to prove?”

Unfortunately for Duval, Brown’s prediction was inaccurate.