Demand more

This is how school is supposed to go: motivated students come from far and wide to get an education, sign up for their necessary classes, go to class, learn from educated educators.

There isn’t anything in the process that says teachers get to take off for all Friday home games, or tenure gives a teacher the right to let his/her graduate assistant teach the class instead.

When students go to class on time and respectfully attend all the classes they can physically make it to, the pupil deserves the same respect from that educator being paid to teach.

Never once in high school did a teacher come to class and say here is a packet to read, now go home.

This is supposed to be a higher playing field. One in which education is equally more invaluable to our race, our communities, our nation, and ourselves.

Logic says there should be some rule. Well, there isn’t.

There is nothing anyone can do about a professor that doesn’t like to come to class, except speak with the dean so the professor can be reprimanded accordingly.

It is a more serious a matter than that.

If a professor is skipping out on your education, minimizing the effect of your hard won personal betterment, do something about it. Get a petition signed and bring it to the dean.

Ask the teacher to stop the foolishness. Ask them if they value their educations and what would they trade it in for.

Then ask if you could have the opportunity to get yours, so that one day you can have the same question asked to you.

-Bridget Nance for the Editorial Board.