Neglect and respect

[Neglect] what the media portrayin’

We are descendants of the Black Nation

Ice cold shoulders towards political rearrangement in effect

[Neglect] Political party affiliation

[Neglect] Rhetoric politicians debatin’

[Neglect] Privatization and Reparations

Life is more than rules and regulations

One sided such as the memory of this nation

[Neglect] what is professionally racist

Black entrepreneurs face mo’ money, mo’ problems

No smile- grin like Osama Bin Laden

[Neglect] Assistance based on a borrow

Capitalistic Economists hate on my Father’s

kin to the lost- found generation enormous

[Neglect] The perceived, righteousness will conquer

[Neglect] Theory based on ponder

With no ground fact acts as its launcher

Results in a fictional conscience

A method to enslave the mentally yawning

[Neglect] rather dismiss all the nonsense

Neglect, Neglect, Neglect

[Respect] GOD and all of his prophets

[Respect] the law keep dirt underneath the cleat

[Respect] the black market’s unseen provision

[Respect] native tongue, attempt to learn dialect

[Respect] Worship but don’t remain alien

Truth need no scientific proof, no investigation

[Respect] Martyrs and rebels because they paved this

[Respect] Time and the virtue patience

valued like a million dollars to your savings

[Respect] Education, how else can we make it

[Respect] King & Queen bore you prince or princess

[Respct] Mother Earth & the Mother of Planes

no fable Ezact vision quite plain

Respect, Respect, Respect