Kopykat’s service sneaks up on competition

The “Kat” is out of the bag.

With final exams, internship opportunities and graduation approaching, Kopykat offers students and staff a convenient full service copy center.

Carolyn Ryals, owner and manager, said she and assistant manager Jannette Washington, put a lot of thought into the name Kopykat.

“I wanted something unique and catchy,” Ryals said.

After going back and forth the sisters decided on the name Copy Cat.

“I wanted the name to be creative and snazzy, so I changed the c’s to k’s,” Ryals said.

The Black Business Investment Corporation was instrumental in getting Kopykat started, Ryals said.

Kopykat offers a variety of services ranging from full and self-service copying, faxing and binding.

They also print business cards, resumes and provide computer workstations and notary services, with free delivery.

“Kopykat is the most practical place for me to go to because it’s between school and my home,” said Kevin Clethen, a sophomore occupational therapy student from Tampa.

Kopykat is located at 507 Okaloosa St., across from the FAMU tennis courts.

Clethen also said there is great customer service at Kopykat.

“As soon as you walk in they are ready to help,” he said.

“I think the students enjoy our friendly atmosphere,” Ryals said.

Kopykat serves people who need a copy center in this community.

The same services offered at Target Copy and Kinko’s are offered at Kopykat at discounted prices.

For example, self-service copies are 8 cents at Kinko’s, 7 cents at Target Copy but they are only 5 cents at Kopykat.

“I come here because of the reasonable prices,” Clethen said.

“I don’t have a car and for me it is just easier to come here than to find a ride to the other places.”

Clethen said he would still go to Kopykat even if he did have a car.

“So many people are supportive of our business,” Ryals said.

“Not only do we serve FAMU and the South side, but we serve Tallahassee as a whole.”

Bryan Jones, a Kopykat employee said the store has a personal atmospher.

“We will make sure everything you come in for is taken care of,” he said.

“I enjoy getting the opportunity to meet new people everyday,” he said.

Kopykat will soon expand its services to include dissertation editing.

Other expansion plans include post office boxes for students.

Ryals said the bulk of orders that come to Kopykat Copy Center are from FAMU students and staff.

For more information call (850) 222-7557.