D.C. – area students react

Authorities are still on a manhunt for a sniper who shot 12 people over a span of three weeks in counties surrounding the nation’s capital and may be linked to Tuesday’s fatal shooting of a Maryland man.

Two men were taken into custody Monday in Richmond, Va.

However, authorities said there has been no evidence found to link the men to the recent sniper attacks, which have captured the attention of students on campus.

Those particularly from the Washington area are fearful and concerned about their families and friends.

The shootings began in Maryland, Washington and northern Virginia and have moved farther south in Virginia to Ashland, 12 miles from downtown Richmond, Va.

Out of the 12 people shot by the sniper, nine people have been killed and three have been wounded.

“I live four to five minutes from the gas station where the man was killed on the fourth attack,” said Anthony Glover, 18, a freshman history student from Woodbridge, Va.

“It’s (the shootings) shutting things down. My sister said people are afraid to come outside of their houses,” Glover said.

Valerie Newsome, 21, a senior psychology student worries about being away from her family.

“It’s scary because I’m not there with my family. I’m constantly watching the news and calling home to make sure that everyone

is safe,” said Newsome, a

native of Fort Washington, Md.

“I have no idea what the sniper’s motives are. The victims have been spread out and they are of different races and ethnic backgrounds.”