A greek’s response to hazing


Is the Famuan, a college newspaper or another public gossip corner? I am responding tothe article on anti-hazing as it relates to the greeks. I wonder, before you guys go to press with your stories, do you get the opinions of the organizations that you write about. I don’t understand why there is so much concern about greek life and hazing that it has to printed every week in the famuan. Famu is a university with over 12,000 students and there is a million and one things betteryou can talk about. Now, I agree that hazing is wrong and it has to stop, but I feel as though the famuan does a poor job on reporting the facts. It isn’t everyone persons intent in these organizations to haze prospective members. Nor, is every organization always guilty of hazing just because that’s the latest “gossip”. Speaking of gossip that is exactly what the Famuan does….how many greeks have you interviwed with respect to hazing. Instead you get the opinions of hundreds of “wanna be greeks” or those people who “heard from a friend” about greek life. So, you tell me who is getting a fair chance for their side of the story. I myself, along with anyone else who is greek on this campus, would appreciate it if the famuan would GET OFF OUR BACKS!!!!!! I understand it’s your job to report stories affecting our school, but let’s start by getting every side of the story.