I See Her

I see her and she is beautiful. She moves much like the power of a crystal river that flows against the grain of time and as it flows it erodes all that tries to contain it.

I see her and she is the great pyramid.She has stood the test of centuries, never bowing to the prowess of wind driven sand.

Time and time again, she smiles and her brightens steals my sight. I thought I knew darkness until I could no longer see that smile that stole my light.

I see her and she brings with her an aroma that grasps and holds me tight. It consumes every particle of air that I breathe, leaving me intoxicated and struggling to find my place inside her.

Indeed I see her, and she is more. She could never be less than anything. Not when she, in one tic of time became everything.

I see her and she has become a ghost, traveling in and out me. Scaring away every fear that I had of losing myself. I think of her and she empowers me to straiten my back.

She intensifies my strength to carry a heavier load. I am stronger when she glows to guide me. Running faster, laughing deeper. I am more.

I see her and she is strong like the pull of the earth to the sun. Even when there is space between us I feel her attraction. I close my eyes and I see her; she is beautiful. A flower, a diamond; she is the red sky during the setting of a yellow sun.

Fragile. Forever. A blessing; like the smell that arrives right before the falling, of a long awaited rain. I see her when the world is turbulent, when I am the rock and a storm approaches pushing every particle of water ever created upon me.

I see her, and I can bear the weight of world.