Grief Up all nightthinking of you continuallyI try to bury the memories but they take root subliminallyI pray to God for peace, but wonder if he’s really feeling meInside I cryMy loneliness is killing me

Missing your love for 6 months, 8 days, I struggle to erase this painbut always it stays on my heartSince we’ve been torn apart, my soul has been shatteredscattered, gathered and pieced together again, until down comes the rainand brings back the painMy heart is filled with hate, love, anger, pity, sorrow, joy, relief, miseryI deny but I know that the love is still in meMy loneliness is killing me

I feel like I’m cursed, reach out and try to disperse my heart, soul and mind across the universein an attempt to escape this cold unfriendly EarthI regret my birth as a helpless mortal, can’t see the worthIt’s useless for me to attempt to forget youSometimes I feel it’s better if I never had met youThey say ‘it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’but I can’t agree willingly, ’cause right now, I don’t feel thatMy loneliness is killing me

I long to run from the storm to the calm warmth of your arms but you did me wrong, deceived me with your charmsYou gave my greatest treasure to the passing wind;in a moment of pleasure, gave in to the Snakeand sinnedParadise fell, I saw Hell, for my angel broke DestinyI need water for my wellMy loneliness is killing me

Where will I find someone to love me, an equal? A girl who won’t just love a manfor his vehicle?You are everything, and everything is youI wish that I was dreaming this, but everything is true. You cut me off from the one thing fulfilling me; Your tender, precious love.My loneliness is killing me.