Diet pills produce real, hazardous side effects

High blood pressure, fatigue, mental depression, dizziness, hypertension, headaches and weight loss are some of the side effects of one of the most popular drugs of today-diet pills.

Diet pills are stimulants that enhance and speed up your metabolic rate.

The active ingredient in most diet pills is ephedrine, which is an alkaloid that can cause over stimulation in the central nervous system.

Ephedrine also acts in a similar way to that of adrenaline. Diet pills were designed to help control one’s appetite. However, they affect the body in other ways.

Latoya Jefferson, L.P.N., said, “They could result in over stimulation, overdose, strokes, heart attacks and allergic reactions. These types of drugs can also cause a decrease in appetite, an increase in energy and other abnormal behaviors.”

Leonard Inge, a FAMU pharmacy professor, said, “They could cause a lot of unknown damage to our bodies.”

“Three of the most popular diet pills that many people prefer are Metabolife, Xenadrine and Dexatrim because they are cheap and available,” said Vonda Nimmo, a Tallahassee pharmacist.

She said that many of the people who buy diet pills do not understand they are stimulants and cause the body to go through many changes.

The satisfactions gained from taking diet pills vary.

If successful, people may have great weight loss results and may look and feel good about themselves.

Eulinda Jackson, a student and former diet pill user said, “My eating habits changed and I noticed the effects that the pills were having on my body.”

“I had a change of appetite and I also had many stomachaches. And I know that this was not healthy for my body,” Jackson said.

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