Columnist says farewell to readers

Rattlers, I’ve been fired as deputy opinions editor.

Shocked? I wasn’t, and you shouldn’t be either. Half of you guys were clamoring for me to be fired, so when you have your J. Danielle column-burning party, save me a plate of ribs.

Why was I fired, you ask? I’m sure it was a slew of things on the Wheel O’ Rattlerbrat – pick one. Most recently, however, I retaliated against a reader who made the false assumption that I was an “IG” for Alpha Kappa Alpha.

O.K., so that wasn’t the height of professionalism. But if you make unwarranted assumptions about me, you’re going to get clowned, editor or no editor. By this person’s logic, if I defend an organization that I have nothing to do with, I obviously want to be a part of it. After all, speaking in support of a group of black women is a foreign concept at Florida A&M.

At any rate I’ve been fired – not suspended, not put on probation, but fired – over a two sentence e-mail that contained no profanity or insults.

I’m okay with that. Let truth be told, had it not been this incident, it would have been something else down the line. So it’s good that we got it out of the way before I got accustomed to my paycheck.

As the news spread around, the question I kept hearing was would I continue my weekly column.

After all, one does not need to be an editor to be a writer. Just because I was fired doesn’t mean I can’t still write. So I could easily continue as a staff writer, correct?

To quote my former drill sergeant, um…no. To be fired and to quit “Yeah, I Said It!” do not coincide, though people may want to believe that.

Truth be told, I wasn’t enjoying writing any more.

I was having too many clashes with my editors, with my adviser, with the student body, with the alumni, with homeless bums on the street…you get the picture.

I see no reason to continue a column where I will no longer have a say in the way it is edited and run.

I’ve had a great five-semester run with The Famuan. I’ve made friends that I’ll cherish for a lifetime. I’ve grown tremendously as a writer and a person. I’ve had great conversations with fellow Rattlers on the Set, on the bus, in class, and virtually everywhere I go. I’ll miss that.

Perhaps I’ve outgrown The Famuan. Perhaps they’ve outgrown me. But it’s over now, and I’d rather go out at the top of my game, as opposed to battling the higher-ups and having my columns watered down and cut beyond recognition just so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

It’s been wonderful, Rattlers. I’m not going into seclusion; I’m just taking a well-deserved break from the madness.

If you go to the Homecoming game and see the chick with the “Halle Berry Sucks” shirt on, say hi. Call me Jenn.

Rattlers, I now return you to your regularly scheduled opinions section.

J. Danielle Daniels, 20, is a junior political science student from Dallas. J. Danielle Daniels can be reached at