Release ignorance, accept knowledge

A miseducated black person. If you have fallen into the same traps as most of today’s African Americans, then you are one.

We have fought long and hard to obtain equal rights and to escape the subhuman status imposed on our ancestors.

Therefore, I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend why some of you act the way you do.

You’re constantly walking around campus calling out “What’s up n-!” Don’t you realize that you’re degrading each other? Even if you are a black person, it’s not acceptable.

Nor is it acceptable to refer to ladies by what they’re wearing or their skin color. Women aren’t animals- don’t treat us like we are.

And while being proud of your hometown, know its past. Every time you holler “Duuuuuuval,” you’re perpetuating the legacy of Governor Duval, a former slaveowner.

In addition to the degrading verbal actions, miseducation has also led us to put down our own people emotionally.

Students would shoot me glares in high school simply because they thought I acted as though I were better than they were. No, I just know how to carry myself and speak properly.

I know that blacks are not ignorant and can amount to something. But we’ll never escape the rut we’re in unless you start making changes. Nothing can or will succeed if only a small number take action.

Be aware that knowing all the lyrics of a song won’t aid you in receiving higher test scores or advancing in this world. If you’re going to do anything, please be proud of yourself and where you come from.

You are at an excellent university that can educate you. Don’t be content with sitting in the back of a classroom.

Take Contemporary Black Social Philosophy along with other courses such as African-American History and you will learn just how miseducated you really are.

As my father always told me, “There’s nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s, but there’s also nothing wrong with owning it.”

To avoid the pitfalls or not to.What will you do?

Dominique Drake, 18, is a freshman business student from Cleveland. She is The Famuan’s assistant opinions editor. She can be reached at