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Press Release

Reed Wright Publishing Inc. Takes Hip Hop to the Greeting Card Industry

Reed Wright Publishing Inc., a company which offers a selection of free electronic greeting cards to those with an affinity for hip hop, recently rolled out its Urban Youth Greetings Web Site. The site provides a platform in which writers and artist can gain notice for their works. Entertainment will include a news source providing stories and information relating to the Hip Hop Community. The site features promote the positive aspects of teens / young adults and the commitment of their communities to promote well-being.

Reed Wright Publishing Inc. realizes the buying power of teens in America and has focused its efforts on this, its primary audience, which has the greatest amount of discretionary funds (according to the Labor Department, teen spending in 1998 was 3.7 percent of total consumer spending of $3.8 trillion.). In the same way the urban frame of mind has lifted the music industry (Rap / Hip Hop) and the clothing industry (FUBU / Phat Farm), it has a wide audience appeal with the greeting card industry. Reed Wright Publishing is at the forefront of a revolution in this arena by providing products and services to an underdeveloped market. is a voice for teens and young adults and a way for advertisers to reach a specific audience (e.g. the millions in the urban communities, which are a growing force in the hip-hop and general consumer markets.

Press Contact: Michael E. Mitchell – PresidentReed Wright Publishing,