Games lack our support

Would Florida State fans leave at halftime if the Seminoles were down 30-0 in an important Atlantic Coast Conference game?


Why then is it acceptable for Rattler fans to pour out of the stands when placed in the same situation? I have no idea.

Every home game follows this sad pattern: Tickets sell out. The stadium is filled to capacity. The team enters the field. People cheer. The game starts. The Marching 100 does a halftime show. People leave.

Rattler pride has reached an all time low. Students can’t even sit through an entire football game without thinking about what they’re going to wear to the after party. Although that may be important, it’s sad to think that students will abandon their team at a time when support is most needed.

We were down 30 points to South Carolina State at halftime, in a game that we were expected to win, four Rattlers had suffered significant injuries and students were leaving.

We were up by a mere four points against the Howard Bison Saturday and students again were leaving at halftime.

There is no problem in getting people to come to the football games. The problem is getting them to stay and actually support the team. Before the season started I remember asking students why they attend football games. Many said to see the band, but most students said to support the team.

I think most students lied to me.

Coming to the football game, talking to your friends, showing off your outfit, watching the band and leaving after the halftime show is not “supporting” your team. We only have two more home games this season: Oct. 19 against North Carolina A&T and Homecoming against Hampton, Nov. 2.

I have a challenge for the student population at our university. Try to sit through an entire football game and actually “support” your team.

Then after the game you can celebrate the fact that you are moving towards becoming a true Rattler.

-Elizabeth Broadway, 19, is sophomore newspaper journalism student from Alpharetta, Ga. She can be reached at