Diversity HBCU

Dear Ms Drake, I agree with your position regarding mandating diversity at HBCU. I believe that FAMU and all other HBCU should and are open to all qualified applicants regardless of race. I also believe that the university should create an atmosphere where all are welcome. If those two conditions exist then any additional mandates to improve diversity are wrong and will destroy the important role that HBCU have in educating African American students. This is an interesting argument in light of all of the efforts to roll back affirmative action remidies which were seeking to right a real injustice. I wonder if the powers that be are at all interested in African Americans efforts to receive a college education.

Leo ArmbristerFAMU Class of ’69Retired Xerox Corp1870 Inlet Cove Ct.Orange Park, Fl 32003904-215-9483