Soul Searching

I be protruding hearts with harpoons

And hypodermic needles

A hazardous youth

I am the son of Lazarus

And this is the truth

The youth is dying

And society is supplying

A drug called ignorance

Cause in the hands of man

Life lines lead to gold mines

Thru out the land

But how long will my life line span?

And I cant understand why my life line is so small

My palms are dirtied and tattooed

So I raise a white fist as a symbolic movement

And I tattoo the sky

Lightning bolts pierce clouds as the angels cry

She is my Orion

I get lost in her horizon

And the sun is still rising

This is the land of the rising sons

The chosen one

The prodigal son

But I am not the only one

And blood runs thru my pen

I practice Taoism, Buddhism and the Zen

Sun Szu is my guru

But he never knew

I never knew

Never known never shown

Always afraid to be alone

I am not afraid to die

But I’m afraid to live

A lovers symphony

Never meant to be

Now I can see

As reality blinds me

Accapelic angels can feel my pain


Scared of the sound of music


Tired of not having our voices heard

And we live for the sorrows of today, yesterday, and tomorrow

But I hold my soul up to the sky


No one could ever bring it down to the ground