Don’t let fear conquer you

Are you really alive? Have you really contemplated the meaning of the words, “ride or die?”

It’s the warrior’s cry. The thug’s chant. You sing it. Few live it.

In these words are the code for freedom. They mean conquest of the insurmountable obstacle. Death. The one experience we will all have.

So what does it all mean?

It means that when it’s all said and done, an oppressor’s only control is your fear of death. But what if you conquered this fear? Honestly, what could stop you?

The answer is nothing. At that point, you would be the one to be feared, revered, and respected by those who oppose you. What if living like this is the only true way to live?

It’s the only way to cut through the many illusions that keep people from realizing their true potential. Illusions like white supremacy, the power of money, America’s military prominence, physical beauty, material possessions and post-death hell are among the main illusions that trap people through fear of their illusory power.

Allowing any type of fear to control you is death at multiple levels. In the words of Tupac Shakur, a coward dies a thousand deaths; a soldier dies once. With that, I’ll ask again, are you really alive?

It’s human to experience fear. To let fear govern your actions is another matter. To live in fear of something, anything, is to have already been conquered by it.

The game is over before it began. So what can you do?

Embrace what scares you, whatever it is. It doesn’t matter. Love it, hug it, because it’s there to make you grow.

People act like God invented hardship to destroy you. You need them like your muscles need gravity.

Most importantly, you’ve got to be able to walk away from what you hold most dear. Whether it’s a mate, a lifestyle, sex or life itself- if you can’t let something go your perspective is skewed.

Our people are manipulated through the threat of losing something that isn’t that good: The life of the oppressed. We are under the illusion of its necessity. Sadly, all illusions come to an end, and if you’re attached to an illusion, you may end with it.

The obstacles we face are inside us, not outside. The oppression we face today represents the compounded personal failures of our people. Most of which involve running from that which we fear.

Well, we must “ride out” against our fear, or die…inside. Ride or die because life on earth is an experience that can kill the spirit. Then what do you have when you die? We have to kill our fear. Our ancestors didn’t ride, so we die. Now, it’s on us. The journey to our people’s liberation is a personal one. You are the leader. Only living free is life.

Theo Wilson, 21, is a senior theatre student from Denver. He can be reached at