Concert Chior gives terrific performance

The University Concert Choir presented its Annual Fall Concert Tuesday and people are still singing their praises.

The overcrowded concert in Lee Hall captivated one of the largest audiences over the last three years.

“It felt so good having so many people to perform to,” says Oni Bryant, 20, a junior music education student from Orlando.

Not only did people from all over come to witness the evolution of African American music, but they truly enjoyed it as well.

“My teacher offered extra credit for any student who attended, but after such an amazing performance the few points seem obsolete,” said Brooke Smith, 20, a business administration student from Fort Lauderdale. “The students of this institution need to recognize the full extent of the talent in this, what I now call, the Singing 100.”

The concert choir began practicing diligently in preparation for this moment before the semester began.

“The Concert Choir will one day have the same recognition as the Marching 100, we already have the same practice schedule,” said Gerik Grant, 20, a computer information systems student from Orlando, who is also a member of the choir.

The practice and diligence truly paid off with the continuous standing ovations rendered by the audience as they traveled through the history of African American music from Classical to Gospel.

The concert consisted of more than singing. There were mime dancers, tribal drums, and gospel bands used to bring every element of music to a heightened level of listening and viewing pleasure.

“Sometimes you have to take things to another level so that people can get a brief glimpse into your vision of things to come,” said Johnny Williams, who serves as the assistant director to the concert choir. “These students have practiced day and night in an attempt to knock their constituents off their feet, and I think we’ve accomplished just that.”