Abortion should be taken very seriously

Pregnancy is a serious matter that many sexually active college couples face.

It’s complicated because it forces them to make an adult -like decision.

The problem is students feel they are grown until a real responsibility comes along and they realize mommy and daddy’s support is not going to cut it.

Is abortion really the answer to this problem?

It really bothers me how casually life is thrown away. Lord knows that I fear getting pregnant just as much as the next person.

I understand that all of my plans for the future will change but I also realize the risks involved with being sexually active. If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

There are many seemingly valid reasons to get an abortion-can I provide this child with the environment, money and love it will need?

There are also some superficial reasons-am I going to be able to club, splurge and hang out like I want to?

Though some reasons may be more selfish than others, they all justify not wanting a child in your life.

If you know that you are not ready to make the sacrifices necessary to have a child then why are you having sex?

Not that you should have sex just to have a child, but at the very least you should be prepared to deal with it if it happens.

The irritating thing to me is that people will have abortions because they “accidentally” got pregnant, and then continue having sex. It’s as if it didn’t even phase them that they destroyed a life to save them from their own immature antics.

Abortion is not birth control and it is sad to think how many people are desensitized to the issue. The easy way out of the situation is to have an abortion and to appear selfless.

All kinds of reasons can be concocted to make it seem like it was more for the child than for you. We all know that it was because you were not ready to give up your dreams. Continuing to do what you did to get yourself in the situation shows that you have no remorse for the butchery you allowed to take place.

I can’t understand how you get over having an abortion. I would always remember that I was supposed to have another child.

Whenever I saw a child I would think of how unfair it was to decide that my child didn’t have the right to live.

I’d know that my first born child was really supposed to have an older brother or sister. It’s scary to think that our parents might have contemplated abortions with us.

They decided to go with life and look how we turned out. To have no remorse for aborting a baby is sickening. If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen

Cheron Mangum, 19, is a junior broadcast journalism student from Atlanta. She can be reached at cheron_5@hotmail.com.ß