‘Neutral’ shifts into mediocrity

Hitting us with their debut album “The Lonely Position of Neutral,” TRUSTcompany has shown they’re not just another band.

Coming from Montgomery, Ala., band members Kevin, Jason, Josh and James, have formed a group with great potential.

With their debut song ” Down Fall” playing all over rock radio stations and their first video played everyday on MTV, it is apparent that they are a good band.

At first listen, they’re like Linkin Park without the emcee or deejay. But as the CD goes on, it’s clear they have a style of their own.

The only disappointment was the album’s dreary vibe. It’s hard music with sad and painful lyrics, but it has great choruses and deep.meaningful lyrics.

The guys of TRUSTcompany met in high school and formed their group in 2000. They moved to Washington D.C. and put out two independent albums that led to tours around the South.

In 2001 when they toured Los Angeles the guys got a contract with Jordan Schur, the founder of Geffen Records, who was also responsible for groups like Limp Bizkit, Puddle of Mudd and Staind.

They then put out their debut album.

With songs such as, “Falling Apart” and ” Deeper Into You,” the boys show their talent by singing about pain.

“I slipped away/ further from you/trying to find what’s real” gives the feeling that they have been through some experiences that we can all relate to.

Despite their potential to be the band of 2003, TRUSTcompany is plagued with the first album disease of all-the-songs-sound-the-same. It’s like listening to track one but finding out it’s really track eight. They tried hard to stick with the same point throughout all the songs, but each song is really a copy of the first.

The group has talent but leaves listeners hoping TRUSTcompany’s second album will be more creative than the first.