Sandwich shop spreads healthier lunch alternatives

Students can grab a quick, healthy bite to eat between classes at Fat Sandwich, a new diner.

The diner is directly between FAMU and FSU campuses, on Railroad Avenue.

Benson Turner, a co-owner, said he chose the spot because of its great location.

The new diner offers salads, deserts and fresh sandwiches with a side of fruit, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

“It’s the American dream,” said co-owner Luis Jimenez.

Along with partner Joseph Huot, Turner and Jimenez said they dish up only the best ingredients for their menu items.

Fat Sandwich only uses fresh baked bread and Boar’s Head meats for sandwiches and homemade recipes for side dishes.

The ambiance in the sandwich shop cannot be found anywhere else in Tallahassee, said Jimenez.

The restaurant is decorated in bright colors with contemporary art and chart topping hits playing over the speakers.

“I came based on recommendation,” said FSU student Meagan Ferris, who also adds that she would give the diner an “A” plus, two thumbs up and five stars.

In the future, the trio plans to renovate the garage portion and turn it into a bar with pool tables and televisions. They also plan to host live bands there.

Occasionally, the diner hosts theatrical performances for its customers so patrons can eat and watch the live performances.

With a dedicated team, great atmosphere and good food, Jimenez said he isn’t troubled over local restaurant rivalry. In fact, he said he embraces the competition.

“[Customers] just have to try it once and they will be back,” said Jimenez, “We got a good thing going.”

In addition to dinning in the restaurant or on the patio, customers can call in orders to avoid the lunchtime rush.

Customers will find at least one manger on duty at any given time.

The owners said that running the business themselves will ensure the best for their customers. Fat Sandwich is located at 825 Railroad Ave.