Randy Moss makes public apology

During an emotional nine-minute news conference on Thursday afternoon, Vikings receiver Randy Moss was somber and apologetic about the recent incident involving a Minneapolis traffic official, though he did not apologize to her.

“It’s been a real long couple of days for me,” he said. “I am human. I am a man. I do take care of my responsibilities. I’ve already apologized to the people who mean the most to me. My teammates, my coaching staff, my family.”

At the news conference, he extended his apologies to Vikings fans and his corporate sponsors, but not to traffic officer Amy Zaccardi.

He did say he was not trying to hurt Zaccardi. “I have loving women in my life also,” Moss said, mentioning his mother and his girlfriend. “I respect women like they’re really supposed to be respected.”

As for the marijuana cigarette that police found in his car, Moss said he has lots of vehicles and that other people use them.

He said drug-use issues are handled by the NFL. “I think the NFL knows what Randy Moss has done,” he said. “I try my very best to stay within the rules.”

Moss appeared uncomfortable and unfocused during the news conference.

“I’m very nervous; my palms are sweating,” he said at one point.

He said it was difficult to look at the gathered reporters and said it was hard to talk without breaking down.

“I’ve been through a lot,” he said, and he said it hurt him to have his name associated with a felony. He was charged Wednesday with two misdemeanor traffic offenses.

He said the media coverage of his arrest was “blown out of proportion to a certain degree,” but he also thanked some writers for not judging him prematurely in print.

Moss said he is trying to change his approach this year, and he said he is now focused on going to Seattle and getting back on track.

“I don’t know if trouble’s out to find me, but I’m certainly not out to find trouble,” Moss said at one point.

Moss ended the news conference without taking questions, saying, “Once again thanks. I’ve got a few things off my chest.”