Misdemeanors should not warrant suspension

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss spent the night of Sept. 24 in jail and was later charged with careless driving and failure to obey a traffic officer.

I wish I would’ve been there because from the reports that I read I still don’t understand what happened.

Police spokeswoman Cyndi Barrington told NFL.com that an officer stepped in front of Moss’ car to stop him from making an illegal turn and Moss used his car to slowly push her along the street, stopping when she fell to the ground.

If the officer stepped in front of Moss’ car to stop him from making an illegal turn, which he had to be in the process of making, than how could he push her along the street for a reported half block. That must have been a really wide U-turn.

But anyway let me ask last week’s most prevalent question.

Should Moss have participated in the Vikings’ huge 48-23 loss to Seattle Sunday evening after spending a night in jail?

Of course he should have played.

First of all, I don’t even understand why that question even arose in sports discussions across America last week.

I also don’t understand why this incident received so much media exposure.

Should a player be suspended a game every time that player drives carelessly and then questions the commands of a traffic officer?

I don’t think so.

Someone who witnessed Moss’ incident called it surreal. No, suspending Moss for a game for two traffic-related misdemeanors would be surreal.

Don’t get it twisted, even though I am confused about what happened on that night, I still believe that Moss probably did something wrong.

But if I would have committed two traffic-related misdemeanors, my job wouldn’t have found out and there wouldn’t be a question as to whether I can go to work the next day.

I don’t think it should be any different for Moss.

If he didn’t commit a felony then just let the court punish him, not everyone else.

Yes, the incident brought a ton of negative exposure to the Vikings, which may have caused them to lose the game on Sunday. And as a result they are going to fine him somewhere around $50,000.

Leave that man alone and just sit back and watch greatness.

He is the best wide receiver in the world. The man is 6’4, and runs 40 meters in 4.2 seconds, with glue on his hands.

The human being made a mistake and asked for an apology.

During an interview about the incident on ESPN, Moss was crying like he had committed a felony – crying after being charged with just two misdemeanors.

Does that make sense?

No it doesn’t.

Moss cried because he couldn’t bear all of the discontent that society poured on his back. So get off the man’s back, you are making a grown man cry.

The screams that Moss shouldn’t have played Sunday need to stop. He didn’t shoot anyone, he didn’t rob anyone, and he didn’t beat up anyone.

It was just a small traffic violation!

Ibram Rogers, 20, is a junior magazine production student from Manassas, Va. He is The Famuan’s deputy sports editor. He can be reached at Jamalrara@aol.com.