Jordan should hang up jersey

Michael Jordan, who led the Washington Wizards in scoring, assists and steals last season, announced Thursday that he will drag himself back onto the court for yet another season.

Jordan, 39, missed 22 games last season due to knee injuries, particularly in his right knee. Now, after a contemplative off-season, he says that he’s healthy and ready to be a valuable asset to the Wizards. Is he really?

Jordan’s age coupled with the fact that the Wizards already have a potential starting lineup suggest that Jordan won’t even be a starter. Picture that, Michael Jordan starting a game on the bench.

In 14 seasons of NBA action, Jordan has never served as a back up, to anyone. So why after all of this time would a legend consider being a benchwarmer? He says that he expects to start and play 30 minutes a game.

I say he’s senile.

Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but Jordan is approaching that age where you just stop playing. I understand that he has an obligation to fulfill, because he signed a two-year contract with the Wizards in 2001, but Jordan needs to sit down, permanently.

He’s old and let’s face it, he’s not the same Jordan that we watched lead the Chicago Bulls to six championship titles, averaging 50 points a game and dunking like nobody else could.

He walks onto the court with squeaky knees and rusty skills that just can’t compete with the young talent of today. He scored a career low, two points, in twelve minutes against the Lakers last season and only six points in the team’s match-up with Indiana.

The Wizards ended the 2001-02 season with 37 wins and 45 losses. He’s just not the same. Now he’s Michael Jordan, a really good player for a pretty sorry team.

I will admit, however, that the Wizards’ roster looks a little brighter this season with the addition of shooting guard Jerry Stackhouse, point guard Larry Hughes and small forward Bryon Russell and of course the repaired Jordan.

M.J. is a legend and he always will be. He could sit on the bench for three quarters, get up, make two shots and he would still be a legend.

He could run up and down the court, never touch the ball and still be a legend. He doesn’t have to prove to anybody that he can still ball.

We know that.

Instead of tearing up his poor body I would rather see Jordan coaching the Wizards to a winning season. Doug Collins, Patrick Ewing and Jordan, what a coaching staff.

With some powerful plays, a few wise trades and a couple of good recruits Washington could have something.

Let’s make this season your last M.J., for real this time.

Elizabeth Broadway, 19, is a sophomore newspaper journalism student from Alpharetta, Ga. She is The Famuan’s sports editor. She can be reached at