Rude remarks repel real women

All you ignorant black men are going to make me not want to go on the Set anymore.

“Hey girl with the fat a-” or my favorite, “Legs, legs, come and give me some of dem’ legs!”

Are you joking? Did you really think I was going to come running over?

Or maybe you thought I’d be dying to give you my phone number, carry on meaningless conversation, have a romantic dinner at Guthrie’s and go back to your place for a little midnight rendezvous.

I’m not interested.

If the most clever thing you can come up with to get my attention or show your level of interest has to do with my anatomy or contains words that aren’t in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, don’t bother.

I’ve never been so disappointed in my life.

Here we are at a black institution of higher learning. There should be some intelligent black men here.

Where in God’s name are they? They must have gotten lost in the crowd on the Set behind the simpleton that didn’t speak, but stared me up and down and jerked his head as if to say “come here.”

These guys probably can’t read, so this column will fall on deaf ears. I’m probably preaching to the choir.

However, for the betterment of their sex lives, I beg the male population here and the entire black race to pull these idiots aside and give them some advice.

If you just get drunk and then head to class, therefore saying ignorant things on the way, I have no advice. Just stop doing that.

A nice way to get someone’s attention: “Excuse me miss. You look really nice today. Could I borrow just a minute of your time?

Not a nice way to get someone’s attention: “Good God baby, you’ve been kicking trees or something?”

Exactly what on earth does this mean, anyway?

If you don’t want to take my advice, then please try to remember your mother’s, because I know she told you to think before you speak.

If your mother didn’t tell you that, then I am.

Bridget Nance, 21, is a junior public relations student from Fairfax, Va. She is The Famuan’s opinions editor. She can be reached at