Prioritize money in order to budget well

There’s nothing cute or fly about individuals who measure their self-worth by the amount of money they’ve spent on their outfits.

There’s only one thing I have to say – leave it on the rack.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you can’t pay your rent, but you include a Louis Vuitton bag in your monthly budget, I have news for you – you can’t afford it.

Leave it on the rack.

There are too many people so busy trying to be cute they use their whole paycheck on things they can’t afford. This ghetto-fabulous mentality is one of the things that keep some people from economically progressing.

I think people who feel the need to measure their worth by their clothes have some sort of self-esteem issue. If price tags are what you use to get people’s attention then it’s likely you’re not that interesting of a person anyway.

The fact of the matter is people need to learn to prioritize.

It doesn’t make sense when people receive their net checks and blow the money at the mall. It doesn’t make sense when someone buys a $50,000 car yet they are still renting an apartment.

The better choice would clearly be to invest your money in a house – which gains value – instead of an overpriced car, which loses value.

However, there are those that don’t understand the importance of investing, saving and optimizing the utility of their money.

Sad to say, those same people will be the ones asking for change in the future.

It really bothers me when I’m sitting in class next to an individual who splurged on a new Gucci watch yet just failed the test we took.

It seems to me the person should have spent his or her Gucci money on a tutor so that he could graduate on time.

So what I’m trying to say is, learn to love yourself, learn to save, and by God – leave it on the rack.

Jessica Page, 20, is a junior business finance student from Chantilly, Va. She can be reached at